Vested Certified Coach

Vested Services by a Certified Coach

While any company can follow the Five Rules of Vested, many find it easier if they have a helping hand to lead them along the way. The good news is that help is available from The Forefront Group as a University of Tennessee-certified Vested Coach.

A certified Vested Coach provides support much in the way a Six Sigma or Lean Black Belt provides support to a team going through a Six Sigma or Lean project. We are there to provide guidance and direction — with the focus on your team learning by doing much of the work on a real world project. Our philosophy is to “teach a company to fish” rather than bring in herds of consultants costing thousands of dollars that generally wind up as “Vinyl Binder” studies.

The Forefront Group brings a unique blend of consulting, practitioner and general management experience to the firms we work with. This blend of skills ensures that solutions are both practical and cost effective. A typical Vested coaching project will follow the Vested Implementation Model and will be customized based on your specific outsourcing project. It will include 10 days of in-house training taught in five modules using the official University of Tennessee Vested Courseware. The training is timed according to your project — providing just-in-time learning while the team is going through the process. A typical engagement ranges from half-time support up to support from two Vested Coaches.

A key component of our coaching program is the value of the extensive Vested toolset we bring to help your team. Your team will have access to our library of proven tools — this prevents the need for your team to reinvent the wheel for your project. We leave behind a complete set of tools that you can use over and over for all of your outsourcing needs.

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