The Forefront Group is a team of experienced hands-on Procurement practitioners who have built organizations, operated globally and who bring knowledge from a broad range of industries and across the full spectrum of supply management activities.

Best Practice solutions are adapted to the client cultural and business climate.

We act as Advisors, providing experience based thought leadership AND we comfortably adapt into the client work environments to execute value generating solutions.

We provide solutions that can be implemented, and managed by your team long after we are gone. We are passionate in providing coaching and training to client resources to enable sustainable practices.

Our Values:

Focus on transformation. We focus on continuous cost improvement that transforms organizations for the long term. Our solutions are flexible and implementable and fit the culture of the organization. We provide support from visioning through implementation and transition purchasing functions into strategic sourcing operations.

Core issues discovery. We don’t rest until we uncover the real issues. We don’t take things at face value. We strive to understand the situation as it relates to all stakeholders.

Value generation. We provide great value for the money – quickly. We find the best solutions to sourcing challenges to drive bottom-line performance and a high return on investment. We have metrics that help us measure the improvements we bring to each client. We also enable procurement organizations to become high value generators themselves.

Deep operational expertise. We know our strategic recommendations work, because we’ve been there. We have run companies. We are seasoned, global practitioners who have deep operational experience in most industries and in all sourcing activities. We learn and grow every day and transfer this knowledge and our best practices to our clients.

Process driven. We are unrelenting in our dedication to promoting best-in-class processes and procedures. We have developed methods for long-term, continuous improvement that are easy to use, sustainable and build on our clients’ capabilities.

Performance Based Results. We expect to deliver results that increase performance, whether it is supporting strategic outsourcing or resource capability development. We continually measure ourselves.
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