Instructor-Led Courses

Instructor-Led Courses

Our Instructor-Led courses can be customized to incorporate your sourcing processes and procedures. Our courses leverage the expertise of our professionals while targeting impact on your strategic initiatives. Some of our training programs include:

Strategy Development Workshop: The Four Cornerstones™

This 3 day (30 hour) workshop covers the development of the foundation of a sourcing strategy for a commodity, category or service. Using The Forefront Group’s Four Cornerstones of Category Strategy Development, the material and tools presented will assist the participant in framing a strategy and enable completion of a strategy plan within days of completion of the seminar. Sourcing strategy plans accelerate contribution to the business in both cost savings and assurance of supply. Fortune 500 proven. This Program is available in a self-paced instructional format with an accompanying e-workbook to progressively build and summarize your strategy solution.

Sourcing Business Model Selection Workshop (1 day):

This workshop introduces the 7 Sourcing Business Models and assists organizations in selecting the most appropriate model for a specific business requirement. This course provides practice in using the Sourcing Business Model Mapping tools and introduces the Sourcing Consideration Guidelines to manage the model once it is selected.

Building and Managing Statements of Work (1 day):

This course introduces several types of business requirements statements and provides guidance on when to use each. A review of content inclusions and formats for the various statements is provided.

Managing Remote Global Teams (1 day):

Participants will learn how to build and operate global commodity teams and useful techniques for assuring mutual benefits and on-going success of the group. The course incorporates best practices for project management and negotiations and provides metrics to assure success.

Leveraging Low Cost Country Sourcing Opportunities (1 day):

This course covers the differences between Low Cost Country Sourcing and Global Sourcing, and how to optimize your teams approach and results in these practices. Tools and methodologies for assessing opportunities are incorporated in to the class.