Knowledge Assessment

Knowledge Assessment

The best performing companies have the ability to appropriately select and manage a variety of Sourcing Business Models, search for leading effective practices, and develop supply solutions that are focused on management of total cost. This requires capable resources with strong sourcing and procurement technical competencies steeped with analysis skills to evaluate the market and the supply base to mitigate or minimize risks in an ever changing business environment. In most situations there is also a need to interface across organizational functions and boundaries, requiring additional resource capabilities.

What is also a reality is that company expectations for their Sourcing and Supply Management organizations are increasing each year and at the same time resources are expressing a desire for clarity of job requirements and a view of a stimulating career progression. Attracting and retaining resource talent is a challenge that requires a sustainable solution.

Management’s goal is to build a strong organization by identifying and targeting specific development needs for each employee & matching training dollars to those needs.

The Forefront Group’s Knowledge Assessment and Development Tool© provides organizations with a clear view of the overall and individual capability to address the company’s spend by highlighting gaps in knowledge across core competencies in sourcing and procurement, finance, business and systems management and interpersonal relations. This enables a productive and prioritized approach to build missing competencies and align resources to meet successful achievement of role expectancies. Select competencies from a 100 predefined list or add new competencies needed for your environment and apply a weight factor of importance for each competency for each role.

This is an easy and non-threatening way to engage both your employees and managers in determining developmental needs. It is a 5-step Assessment Process:

  1. Employees self-assess against each competency, supported by a detailed definition guide.
  2. Managers assess each employee against each competency on the employee’s assessment tool, to allow for alignment discussions.
  3. Report generation identifying knowledge gaps are created for both the overall organization and for the individual employee.
  4. Feedback sessions occur between the employee and manager to gain alignment and personnel development plans are created that contain targeted training.Opportunities to grow each area of knowledge are identified in the Sourcing Knowledge Development Training Resource.
  5. Targeted Training enables budget management with prioritized benefits.

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