Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy


Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy

Harnessing the Potential of Sourcing Business Models for Modern Procurement

I thought I was an expert in sourcing until I read this book. After all, I managed large-scale strategic sourcing projects for 15 years, ran a niche supply chain consultancy and am a CEO. And yet, I learned so many things when I first read this book that I read it again. While I intuitively knew how to create vested relationships, I had never connected all the dots to meld that concept with sourcing methodology, as well as articulate the subtle differences in the sourcing business models.

Companies turn to Procurement to hunker down and lead in shaving costs. But, things have shifted. No longer is Procurement tactical—it is a strategic part of the company that not only has cost-cutting goals, but also has revenue-generating expectations. Who else in a company besides the CEO has the relationships and insights into every line of business? I can answer that in two words…no one.

After reading this book, you will be able to empty much of your bookshelf. This is truly the only sourcing book you need. Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy so skillfully references the application of the process to the various business situations you will encounter and offers such great tools you can download and use right away, that you will want to make this required reading for all your staff. This book provides you with everything you need to demonstrate the complex strategic advantage that sourcing can bring to your company.

Dawn Tiura
President and CEO, SIG

A required book for SIG University certification at the Executive/CPO level 

Endorsed by over 35 top executives and academics worldwide!

“Everyone in procurement should read this book as it shows customers and suppliers how to take a long-term value approach to work together and increase their business through true partnership.”

– Bernd Huber, Head of Sourcing Center of Excellence, Google

“The procurement industry is full of buzz around collaborating with suppliers as a way to achieve business outcomes. By collaborating and building supplier relationships, extraordinary business results can be achieved. Keith, Vitasek, Manrodt and Kling rise to the challenge of truly defining how to do it. This book offers new insight for even the most experienced seasoned procurement professional.”

– Tony Abate, Chief Procurement Officer, Cigna

“Essential reading for procurement professionals in every industry.”

– Leslie Willcocks, Professor of Technology Work and Globalisation, London School of Economics

“This book creates the new “gold standard” for helping Procurement and IT get on the same page with regards to how to contract for complex services.”

– Tony Greenberg, CEO RampRate

“After being an outsourcing advisor for 19 years and in 75 outsourcing deals, I have never seen a better outsourcing business model than Vested. Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy takes outsourcing to the next level that will transform business relationships globally for years to come, into something more beneficial for all!”

– Magnus Kuchler, Partner, Head of Outsourcing Advisory Nordics, Earnst and Young

“Lowest Price is not the same as Lowest Cost or even Value; companies that buy on best value are more profitable than companies that do not.  Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy lays a fantastic framework for how buyers and suppliers can unlock hidden value.”

– Alrik Danielson, President and CEO SKF

“Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy does a great job in linking sourcing theory to practice. A must read for all sourcing professionals seeking to co-create value with their suppliers.”

– Frank Rozemeijer, NEVI Professor Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

“With the rapid evolution and globalization of commerce, strategic sourcing has never been more critical to sustainable value creation.  If you are a supply chain professional or supercharged sourcing is key to your organization’s success, Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy is a pragmatic, enjoyable must read!”

– Terry Haas