Career Roadmap

Career Roadmap

Companies today face many challenges with attracting and ultimately retaining talent. This is a result of the emerging workforce who expects clarity, immediate answers to questions, concise feedback, dynamic roles and a view of what a professional growth model looks like.

The best companies have a professional career development roadmap leading to increasing levels of knowledge and experience and organizational growth. A good program includes:

  • Tiered process to provide a clear career path
  • Each tier of progression corresponds to the expected level of knowledge required from a Knowledge Development Program and is supported with multiple options for continued learning
  • Tiered progression exposes employees to higher complexity, higher risk assignments with increasing levels of compensation
  • Management Commitment for a guaranteed number of hours for professional development per employee yearly
  • Progress will be captured in annual reviews and employee development planning
  • Joint employee/manager responsibility and involvement
  • A Global Program, where possible, to reflect exposure to a global business environment

The Forefront Group has a comprehensive process for assisting companies in the creation of a Career Development Roadmap that connects the objectives of the business to the individual resource contribution and professional progression. The solution provides benefits beyond its original design with increased organizational stability and an effective longer term return on resource development costs.

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