Our Founder

Bonnie Keith has over 25 years of operations and supply management experience and has designed effective global procurement and supply management organizations. The success of these organizations was driven by comprehensive organization and process assessment and training and professional development programs which she designed. She has trained all levels of management and professional employees in several companies worldwide and serves as an Executive Coach for leading companies. She has served in Corporate Executive and Officer positions for three Fortune 100 companies and two Fortune 500 companies covering retail, manufactured products, global distribution, consumer products and services, pharmaceutical and defense and aerospace, and in these roles has provided Procurement/Supply Management strategies that made significant financial contribution to shareholder value. She served as a member of the White House Year 2000 Advisory Counsel for the Pharmaceutical Industry and has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Corporate Finance Magazine and Drug Store News. She has been a contributor to business textbooks and ISM Publications and serves as business faculty and program advisor for US and International Universities. She is a member of the Vested Outsourcing Advisory Board and is personally certified in the VO process.

Bonnie’s business experience includes operations and supply management assignments with General Electric Company, Asea Brown Boveri, Ltd., PepsiCo, Amerisource/Bergen, and American Standard Companies. She is the President of The Forefront Group, an international strategic supply management business providing project support, change transition, process optimization, strategic planning, consulting and training and development services for global clients.

She has an MSA and lives in the Philadelphia area.

Bonnie J. Keith

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