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Globalization is rapidly changing the business world and in order to achieve commercial excellence, we in the contracting community need to change along with it. In order to elevate commercial capabilities, businesses are beginning to be more collaborative. As the focus shifts to outcomes we can see that a new way of thinking is emerging. What does this mean and how do companies shift?

Bonnie Keith, President of The Forefront Group, will be participating in a IACCM Roundtable in Nevada, October 6th to kick off the IACCM Conference.

The conference is poised to view Commercial Excellence.   As a member of the panel, she will be sharing best practices in utilizing Sourcing Business Models with a focus on the increasing need to use shared value models and how these support the key areas of the conference focus.  These core areas include: Collaboration, Outcome and Performance based contracting, IP Ownership and Management of risk. Panel members will be asked to share their insights on how business has evolved and what to expect in the year ahead.

The contracting world is in a state of great evolution. From the contract itself, to the roles in contract management, legal and procurement, the need to restructure and stay relevant is vital to achieving contracting success. This year’s program is focused on what community leaders are doing to evolve with the times to ensure they achieve commercial excellence.

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