The Forefront Group is a leading provider of global supply chain and strategic sourcing solutions with a focus on transforming B2B relationships. We are committed to creating competitive advantage for global enterprises by fostering the innovation and co-creation potential of their relationships with their partners. We enable our customers to transform their supply chains from sourcing to delivery to achieve business agility, customer centricity, and operational excellence.

Procurement Transformation

Companies today recognize that sourcing and supply management performance is a critical success factor in the achievement of their overall business strategies. In some, the breadth of spend management can reach up to 80 to 90 percent of the cost of goods or services sold.  Leveraging our best-in-class Four Cornerstones StrategyTM  category management solution we use our deep knowledge base to drive executional excellence and maximize value delivery across all categories. Our team is comprised of proven strategic sourcing professionals, each of whom were former CPOs or strategic sourcing leaders for Fortune 100 companies. We focus on taking strategic relationships from transactional to indispensable.

Training & Organizational Development

A critical goal for any supply management organization is to have a base of capable, cost effective, qualified suppliers and a supply management process that enables seamless business execution. Having a resource team with the maturity to address the dynamics of the 21st century business environment is a must. The Forefront Group will position your team to identify true value opportunities, to respond quickly to your changing business requirements and to align sourcing approaches that respond to shifts and mitigate risks.

Relationship Advisory and Vested

Most organizations’ highly strategic customer or supplier relationships require a far more collaborative approach than is common today – one where the parties engage as “we” to deliver innovation and maintain competitive advantage.  We bring research backed methodologies and tools along with our deep expertise to design collaborative relationships through an objective lens to create cross-functional alignment across both organizations to realize maximum potential. The Vested model is one such tool for creating an environment that sparks innovation, resulting in improved service, reduced costs and value that didn’t exist before – for both parties. The Forefront Group is a Vested Center of Excellence and most of our team have become Vested Certified Deal Architects.

Supply Chain Transformation

We live in an age where the pace of change is faster than ever in human history and the pace of innovation is slower than it will ever be. In today’s (and tomorrow’s) environment, supply chain can no longer be an afterthought focused just on efficiency – it is now either a core strategic capability or a significant impediment to drive growth and success. We understand what makes certain supply chains excel and what makes others struggle. We bring deep expertise in supply chain strategy, digital technologies, legal and regulatory, operations and relationship management to move your organization towards excellence.