The Forefront Group is a global procurement and strategic supply management consulting and advisory firm. We are committed to reducing costs and improving overall supply base performance for our Clients, through procurement organization transformation efforts, supply base optimization techniques, operational project support, and training and development offerings. Our team is comprised of proven strategic sourcing professionals, each of whom brings at least 15 years of sourcing expertise in multiple industries, categories, regions, and general sourcing approaches. More »

Procurement Transformation

A comprehensive and sustainable sourcing strategy is essential to effective Supply Management. It includes a vision for sourcing a category, and a supplier management plan. Understanding and selecting the best fit Sourcing Business Model to achieve successful delivery of business requirement is essential. Focus is given to the supply market, supply geography, key cost drivers and integration level and length of supplier relations. Our Four Cornerstones Strategy™ development process supports quality plan creation.

Training & Skillset Development

A critical goal for any supply management organization is to have a base of capable, cost effective, qualified suppliers and a supply management process that enables seamless business execution. Having a resource team with the maturity to address the dynamics of the 21st century business environment is a must. The Forefront Group will position your team to identify true value opportunities, to respond quickly to your changing business requirements and to align sourcing approaches that respond to shifts and mitigate risks.

Strategic Supply Management

Companies today recognize that excellence in sourcing and supply management is a core enabler to meet overall business strategies. In some, the breadth of spend management can reach up to 80 to 90 percent of the cost of goods or services sold. The impact of the approach taken with, and the solutions obtained from supply sources should be based on a skillfully developed Supply Management Strategy designed to achieve business strategic outcomes.