The 3 Areas of Sourcing Transformation

There are three areas that Sourcing and Procurement organizations can focus on to transform their activities and elevate their impact to the business.  The first is its Organization maturity, or how successful the team is at developing and institutionalizing knowledge, both of its resources and its processes.

The second is its Sourcing Strategy maturity, or how complete and forward looking its category strategies are, and how integrated they are to the true business requirements of the company.

The third area that teams can focus on to transform its impact is its Supplier Relationship maturity, or how well they manage the supplier interface and select the appropriate business model for the relationship.

The Forefront Group focuses its methodology, client support, and tools on these three areas.  We have tools that support the assessment of maturity in these three areas, as well as accelerating change in these areas to drive overall organization performance elevation.  These tools include an Organization Maturity Assessment, a Knowledge Development Program, our 4 Cornerstones of Strategy Development curriculum and methodology, and the Supplier Relationship Business Model Selection Guide. Contact us at info@theforefrontgroup.com to get more information on our capabilities in these areas.

3 Areas of Sourcing Transformation

TFG 3 Areas of Support Tools

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