NEW Business Model Mapping Toolkit is now online!

The type of business model that you put in place with your key suppliers is critical to capturing the true value and potential innovation for the categories of spend under management.  The Forefront Group guides its clients through the process of understanding the 7 types of business models, and how they should be applied based on 20 strategic considerations that the business should review.  The ongoing management, and thus the value, of the relationship is optimized when the business model is applied appropriately for the economics of the relationship.

In conjunction with Vested (c) and the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business, we have developed the Business Model Mapping Toolkit for clients to use in understanding the power of applying the right business model.  Please contact us at info@theforefrontgroup.com with any questions or for further information!  Additional information can also be found at www.vestedway.com.

Open Source Sourcing Business Model Toolkit

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